July 2017
ISSN 2148-7278
Volume: 3 Number: 3

Harun SERPIL is currently working as the interpreter-translator and PA for the Rector of Anadolu University. He earned his undergraduate degree from the Department of Education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Anadolu University in 1996, and went on to get his MA degree in TEFL from Bilkent University in 2000. He is currently enrolled as a dissertator at the World Language Education Program of the School of Education, Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and expecting to earn his Ph.D. in summer 2014. He was also a visiting Erasmus scholar at The Estonian Aviation Academy in May 2014. Mr. Serpil has eighteen years of experience in language education; and worked at every level of language teaching, testing and curriculum design with a specific focus on Freirian critical pedagogy; racism and discrimination in education, intercultural communication, creative implementation of emerging technologies in language teaching, visual research in education and emerging technologies/web-based tools for language learning. Since his previous position involved teaching English to pilots, he is also interested in Aviation English and Airspeak.

Harun SERPIL (Mr.)
PA to the Rector,
Anadolu University, Rector’s Office
Yunus Emre Campus, 26470 Eskisehir, TURKEY
Phone: +90 222 3350580/1117
Fax: +90 222 3353486
Office: +90 (222) 335 0580 (ext.1117)
Mobile: +90 (506) 461 6596

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